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Branded Company Car: Convenient Traveling Billboard or The End of Anonymity?

By Scott Burkholder, Business Development

Let me start off by saying that I consider it a blessing to be able to drive around in a company-provided vehicle. Having a company car is a privilege and I’m grateful.

Like anything else, it has its ups and downs.  Most people gravitate to the good stuff and often say how nice it is to have this luxury. I agree.

Allow me the opportunity to share with you some of the “downers,” as well!

  • Maintenance: Even though the company pays for the inspections, oil changes and other mechanical type service, I am personally responsible for making sure it happens. It doesn’t take care of itself. I have two cars of my own to maintain, as well, so it’s another car to keep up. I also have to keep it clean. Exterior washing and interior cleaning is on my dime. Since I’m a traveling billboard, it’s important to keep it clean and shiny!
  • Accountability: I consider myself a courteous driver, and am not often susceptible to “road rage.” However, when driving a company vehicle, I’m always being watched, so it’s important to be extra careful. If my driving doesn’t meet the standard of the person next to me, and they get upset, I am no longer just another person on the road. I am then a target because I have a company name and phone number on the car screaming, “call these guys if this driver does something wrong.” I can say I haven’t received any complaints, but with the amount of time I spend on the road, it is bound to happen someday.
  • Privacy: I can no longer do my job incognito. Do I appreciate the additional advertising my company receives as I drive down the highway? Of course. But now everybody knows where I am and when. It’s my job to acquire new business for Horst Construction, which means, at times, visiting my competitors’ customers. When I do that, I’d prefer that they are unaware of my presence, but clearly that’s not possible in a branded car. And you know those moments when you are in a good mood and your favorite song comes on the radio and you feel like singing? In my private vehicle, I can sing out with no worries about who will see me. Driving around a company car, which is the only one of its kind in our fleet, I am now representing Horst Construction and have to be sure singing 80s jams is not what people relate with our brand!

Again, it is a blessing having a company car, but as you can see there are some downsides to driving around in a vehicle with the company name all over it! Can anyone relate?

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