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Making Your Vision a Reality

Church construction projects are special to us.

We recognize that your construction project is an integral part of achieving God’s vision for your congregation. We believe in supporting that vision by helping you cultivate plans, designs and construction that result in a beautiful, functional new building or renovation completed on time, on budget.

Whether you are considering new construction or renovation of an existing space, Horst Construction has over 120 years of church building expertise you can rely on every step of the way.

Our services to you include:
• Feasibility Analysis
• Architectural Partnering
• Site Selection
• Construction Master Planning
• Church Design
• Church Building
• Construction Management
• Warranty Services

From the smallest project to the largest undertaking, Horst Construction will help you achieve your vision through the addition or renovation of:
• Classrooms
• Offices & Counseling Spaces
• Improved Worship Spaces
• Family Life Centers
• Child Care Spaces
• Kitchen/Food Service
• Outdoor Recreation Spaces

New Construction

Turning Your Church Vision into a Tangible Reality

Everybody needs a cornerstone upon which a firm structure can be built. When it comes to the physical structure of your church, rely on the expertise of Horst Construction to be your cornerstone.

The ideal first step in new construction is to unite with Horst Construction in a time-tested process called Design/Build. In the Design/Build process everyone (the church committee, architect, General Contractor and Owner) works together to develop a specific plan that will transform the church vision into an ideal, beautifully designed, quality-built structure that respects the budget and is mindful of long-term maintenance costs.

In the initial phase of Design/Build, Horst Construction will seek a deeper understanding of the vision the “Great Builder” has given to your church. Which aspects of ministry are most important to your congregation? In what areas of your ministry do you see future growth? Once we’ve gathered this vital information, we’ll review your current buildings and property—or new land where you wish to build—and begin to plan your design and construction.

At this point, our team of construction experts will also present you with a cost estimate—possibly even some creative alternatives to maximize your space—as well as a time table for completion.

When a construction agreement for your facility has been reached, Horst Construction will begin to physically transform your plan and design into a tangible reality through services such as:
• Land Planning
• Architectural Design
• Site Work
• Excavation
• Renovation
• And New Construction.

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Partnering For Good Stewardship

You’ve been called to be a good steward of your congregation’s building needs. This implies responsibility for maximizing church assets while giving thorough consideration to the benefits and implications of choosing to either renovate, build additional space or build a new campus.

It can be a daunting task. That’s why our calling is to be a good steward to you. We’ll help you make responsible decisions through:

We’ll help you see the big picture—design options, costs, shortcuts, time tables, etc. It’s often helpful to get a fresh point of view outside of your scope of vision.

We’ll acquire technical assessments on zoning and land development issues.

We’ll determine the type of new spaces that can be supported by your existing church systems.

We’ll broaden your options with suggestions for remodeling and expansion strategies.

We’ll introduce new materials and systems that will help enhance your project and respect your budget.

From the smallest renovations to the construction of the largest multi-million dollar church campuses, Horst Construction has the manpower, experience to help you make wise decisions that lead to beautifully efficient new creations that meet your vision.

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Family Life Centers

Your Ministry Goes Beyond Sunday Mornings

Your church is more than a house of worship. It’s a school for learning. It’s a kitchen for the hungry. It’s a center for meetings. It’s an activity hub for playing and fellowship. It’s a purposeful center in the lives of your members every day of the week.

For churches seeking to transition into new space that achieves a greater sense of “community” in the lives of their members, Horst Construction is ready to help. Lean on our expertise to help you design and create flexible and budget-friendly spaces.

• Small parish halls to large fellowship halls
• Multi-basketball court facilities with sport ready flooring
• Coffee bars
• Commercial kitchens capable of serving thousands
• Meeting Rooms, offices and counseling spaces

Renovations and additions can expand and enhance the ministries of your church. Talk to us about your ideas. Based on your vision, we can present additional options that will help maximize your current facility and future plans. Plus, to aid your decision making process, we can provide cost estimates and other helpful information.

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