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Construction Master Planning

Framing Your Future

Master Planning is a critical piece of many design and construction projects, especially those that will have a significant long-term impact on the institution or facility where the work is being done. Master Planning from Horst Construction creates a unified vision for your project and sets the framework for bringing that vision to reality.

Why Master Planning?

Whether your project includes renovations or new construction, Master Planning helps you build with a purpose from day one.

  1. Effectively plan for future growth
  2. Maximize your facility’s efficiency
  3. Unify your organization

Building the Plan

There are many steps involved, and Horst Construction has the experience and tools required to create a plan that will bring your vision to life in the most cost-effective, efficient way possible.

  • Discuss: Before anything else we discuss your ideas, dreams and needs.
  • Evaluate: We explore your programming needs, functionality requirements and evaluate your current and future space efficiencies.
  • Plan: Our tools are put into action through the development of site and floor plans, a phasing plan, and a detailed scope of work that outlines construction methods and materials, all itemized by trade.
  • Budget: We’ll present a clear and accurate budget. As a Design-Build company, we maintain a very thorough, active database that always reflects the industry’s current construction costs.


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