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Design-Build Done Right

Any building project can be tiresome, and sometimes complicated.  However, there is something that can simplify the whole process and make it that much less tedious and overwhelming.  A project delivery system called Design-Build takes the building process to a whole Columbia Cottage Senior Livingdifferent level by simplifying communication and organization.  One team coordinates nearly all parts of the process with the project owner, using one contact through the completion of the build.

There are obvious advantages to working with Design-Build, namely the collaborative environment in which the team is working toward the final outcome of the project cohesively.  Also, rather than deal with several different parties, owners work with only the team in charge of the project and therefore has only one team to hold accountable.  Using the Design-Build team also speeds up the process quite a bit, by allowing for faster starts and finishes.  In fact, Penn State University conducted a study that showed Design-Build to be faster than any other system, in terms of delivery.  As if these reasons weren’t enough, Design-Build also saves money during the process, an advantage that goes hand in hand with the speed of delivery.

As with any investment there is risk, but Design-Build works to minimize that risk considerably by utilizing the collaborative environment.  While risk is a necessary part of the build process, utilizing a project management system such as Design-Build allows owners to significantly reduce the amount of risk taken on a project.

Due to the structure of the Design-Build team, the responsibility to assume risk is no longer senior living constructionplaced solely on the shoulders of the owner.  In a typical build scenario, the owner is left to coordinate on his own, thus leaving room for error.  Using technology, the team can coordinate the build in a more efficient manner, thus reducing the room for risk, both expected and unexpected.  No longer is the owner responsible for managing the project solely, and he is able to leave the responsibility in the hands of the team, as it should be.

As Design-Build uses only a single point of contact, there are no balls dropped in any facet of the build, and therefore your team is able to mitigate risk and keep it to a minimal level.  While the traditional system may be perceived as the best way to get the right price, it has been proven dysfunctional time and time again.  Design-Build has actually been proven to obtain the lowest price by nearly 6.1%.

For the most effective way to deliver your project, consult us as we are an experienced Design-Build firm and are willing and able to simplify your next build. Feel free to check out our senior living projects, including the photos featured in this post of the Columbia Cottage Assisted Living. You can also watch this video about the benefits of Design-Build with Horst Construction.

Learn more about our Preconstruction and Design-Build Services and how our process can evaluate your needs and keep the focus on your vision.  To learn more about the senior living photos featured in this blog post, click here. Contact Scott Burkholder at 717-581-9971 to learn more about how Horst can bring your vision to reality.

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