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Humble, Hungry, Smart = Successful Team

teamThe Global Leadership Summit is sure to include inspiration from motivational speakers, and bestselling author – Patrick Lencioni – did not disappoint!  Lencioni’s high-energy and entertaining storytelling highlighted key concepts from his new book, The Ideal Team Player.

The key takeaways for building a successful team include keeping and hiring people who are – Humble, Hungry, and Smart. Independently, these terms seem quite simple but together they are very powerful.

Here’s one quote that stuck with us:

“What makes humble, hungry and smart powerful and unique is not the individual attributes themselves, but rather the required combination of all three. If even one is missing in a team member, teamwork becomes significantly more difficult, and sometimes not possible.”

Lencioni’s takeaways:

  • Interview as a group so that everyone can compare notes
  • Emphasize behavior, over technical skills
  • Get out of the office for the interview to see how they interact in the “real world”
  • Ask questions, more than once, in different ways to get a true sense of how they handle a variety of situations

Tools were also introduced that help evaluate current team members to assess their effectiveness as a team player.

For more quotes from the summit, check out this video!

Did you attend #GLS16? What was your best takeaway?

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