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Senior Living

Building Comfort & Dignity in the Golden Years

To honor and care for seniors and the elderly is one of the responsibilities we all share. That’s why Horst Construction has spent decades developing the very best ways to provide value engineering and beautiful construction while containing building costs for every Senior Living project we manage.

Best practices in Senior Care Management
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Horst Construction will help you create:

  • Senior Residential Communities
  • Retirement Villages
  • Senior Living Developments
  • Assisted Living Apartments
  • Independent Living Cottages
  • Alzheimer’s Units

Our priority is to assist you—the senior housing owners, administrators and operators—in transforming your vision into a newly built facility or campus, addition or renovation.

From the planning, through the construction, to the Grand Opening of your new space, Horst Construction will be by your side. We’ll educate you on options (see Senior Living Conference) and help you make wise decisions that bring the most value for your dollar. As your trusted partner, we’ll assist you understanding and managing all the details involving planning, zoning and code compliance, site work, new construction, renovation, remodeling, additions, landscape and interior design—just to name a few.

Give your seniors the luxury of comfort, welcoming beauty and social areas that encourage new friendships and fellowship. Give them a secure environment—a place they can truly call home. Give them the unmatched expertise of Horst Construction.

Senior Living Conference

Exploring New Ideas in the Care and Accomodation of Seniors

For the past three decades, Horst Construction has been a leader in the construction of Senior Living facilities, as well as an advocate for change in producing homelike spaces for our seniors.

In the spring of 2001 Horst Construction began hosting an annual Senior Living Conference. The goal of this conference is to help Senior Living decisions makers stay on top of the newest trends and most promising changes within the realm of senior housing.

During the conference, nationally acclaimed guest speakers present an in-depth look at the Senior Living industry while addressing topics such as:

  • Accommodations: Planning and developing housing styles seniors desire
  • Amenities: Catering to the senior lifestyle
  • Benefits of renovating old housing to meet the popular new trend
  • How Culture Change is affecting Senior Living medical care
  • How to successfully market your Senior Living housing
  • And much more.

Each conference takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, complete with breakfast and lunch, where attendees are encouraged to break into smaller groups, discuss new topics and learn the best practices that have helped other communities improve and grow.

For more information, please click here.

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Culture Change

Giving Seniors Privacy and Independence in a Home-like Atmosphere

Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages constructed decades ago are losing ground to an exciting trend in Senior Living called Culture Change – a popular alternative to traditional methods of Senior Care and housing.

Culture Change
Culture Change is a term used to describe new types of living conditions that allow residents to enjoy a “home-like” atmosphere of independence and privacy.

The housing structure of Culture Change takes shape as individual homes, cottages or apartments, often times located on beautiful campuses complete with social centers. Culture Change is also being realized in older facilities undergoing renovations to create “pods” where residents maintain independence with private bedrooms and bathrooms, while enjoying the social aspects of a shared living room and kitchen.

For seniors requiring help with daily chores or medical attention, Culture Change has reinvented the idea of “assisted living”, transforming it into a private “house call” where health care professionals visit individual living areas to distribute medicine and care. In conjunction, many Senior Living campuses provide customized daily living services, such as cooking and cleaning, directly in the resident’s living space.

Horst Construction – Improving the Quality of Life
Over the past several years, Horst Construction has helped many Senior Living clients analyze the process of adopting Culture Change for their properties. We can help you, too.

Culture Change begins with an analysis of your existing facility or new property. From there we’ll work with architects to develop private housing that will assist in change. From renovations to new construction, our insight and craftsmanship will result in excellent, home-like living spaces that will attract clients and improve everyone’s quality of life.

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