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Teamwork and Master Planning

By Rick Lown, RA, NCARBteamwork

This month, we will have a kick-off meeting with Fairlawn Community Church in Cogan Station, PA to start the discovery journey of Master Planning.

We will be working with a core communication group, in this case called the building team, to help gather all the thoughts, dreams, ideas, and visions that the entire church has for a potential project.

No one on the building team has to be an expert in any of the ministry areas of the church. They just have to be passionate about what God is doing at their church, have the ability to communicate well, and surround themselves with people that know what is needed to expand and grow different ministry areas. This is the essence of solid teamwork.  In this manner, we collaborate with many folks in the congregation in the early stages of the project, which we call grassroots support.

By really listening, seeing, and responding to the different thoughts and ideas…..we can create a holistic approach to discover God’s Plan that reflects the body of the church… always keeping unity as the focus… and working as a team to find the best solution.

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