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The Colorful Landscape of Senior Living: A Contractors Perspective

By Scott Burkholder, Business Development

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Argentum annual conference in Denver, Colorado. As much as I’d like to talk about the beautiful Rocky Mountains that could be seen in the distance or the physical challenges that occur when your body is adjusting to the altitude difference, I will stay focused on the conference and save those comments for another time!

As a conference attendee, I had the opportunity to interact with leaders in the senior care industry. We discussed the variety of things happening and changes occurring on a nearly daily basis in the senior living arena.

Here are my top three takeaways from the event, focusing on a trend, an issue and personal prediction.

A Trend: Technology. This remains to be a hot topic in the senior care industry. Software is everywhere – everything from CRM Systems to Electronic Health Records.  Wearables, apps and other cool devices are being developed at rapid pace to streamline the care continuum as well as create greater connectivity with caregivers, physicians and family in real time. I don’t think we’ll see the end of this trend any time soon.

An Issue: Staffing. Those that answered the call to work in senior care are some of the most caring and generous people I know. The challenge lies in the number of available caregivers to meet the demand of the seniors requiring care. It takes a special person to work in senior care and this type of person is hard to find. The labor pool is increasingly competitive, which is resulting in the increased cost of care. This dilemma is being addressed by senior care executives across the country, and it will be a tough issue to tackle.

My Personal Prediction: Opportunity. Regardless of the challenges that lie ahead, I believe that the best is yet to come. Really. This is an exciting time for the senior care industry. With the explosion of those entering their golden years coupled with the lack of qualified caregivers, I foresee some really cool innovations coming down the pike.

I highly recommend attending a senior living conference in your local area. You’ll see rising innovation and a community of people working together to meet the challenges of the senior care industry. Who knows?  You could even consider a career in what I believe is going to be the most exciting industry of the next decade.

Click here for a snapshot of tweets from the conference. 

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