10 Ideas for Church Growth

Church Growth – 10 Creative Ideas

At the heart of all churches is a deep desire to share the love of God. It is no surprise that many church leaders cite growth as one of their top concerns – particularly, how to accommodate that growth when it happens.

After working with hundreds of churches over the past 125+ years, we’ve seen many get a little “stuck” during fundraising for an expansion project or renovation. We have been fortunate to partner with and witness the journeys of our church clients, and have come up with a few ideas to share that might help get your creative juices flowing to improve outcomes of your fundraising and engagement efforts.

The bottom line?  COMMUNICATE!

The more you can get the message out to each and every person your church serves, the more effective your campaign will be. In order to do that, you might benefit from trying several different ways of involving your congregants and getting them excited about the growth of your church.

We have compiled 10 creative ideas to get you started. This list is far from exhaustive – the possibilities are truly endless! The biggest key is authenticity – make sure your methods match your church culture and feel genuine.