5 Things Horst’s Subcontractors Like About Working With Us

what subcontractors like about working with horst

Why so many of our Subcontractors have developed a long-term relationship with Horst Construction…and want to work on our projects time and again

At Horst Construction, we take relationships seriously. It’s one of the first things we talk about in our interview process – both when we are speaking to potential clients and when we are interviewing potential employees. But that mindset also applies to our philosophy about subcontractors and the important role they play in a construction project.

Over the past 125+ years we have been in business, we have had the opportunity to develop many relationships with outstanding subcontractors in the communities we have been fortunate enough to build in. Because we travel throughout the east coast of the United States, we often need to establish relationships with subcontractors in a variety of locations – not just in Lancaster County, PA. It has allowed us to grow our network of dependable and qualified subcontractors into a vast and well-rounded team of professionals that spans several states, disciplines, and specialties.

Given the number of construction companies and contractors available to perform subcontractor work for, what makes any single one stand out? Why would you want to work for one again and again? When asked why they like working with Horst, our subcontractors consistently give the same five answers. Without further ado, here they are in no particular order.

1. Working for Horst means getting paid on time.

Our company’s stability means we pay our subcontractors on time and according to the agreed-upon terms. We are a well-established business with solid relationships across multiple industries. We have a reputation of paying our subs when they expect to be paid and according to contract terms – something that provides a breath of fresh air for subcontractors who have felt the pain of working for contractors who do not share that same stable foundation.

2. Communication and information flows more smoothly from Horst.

We believe in maintaining open and honest communication throughout a project – and that absolutely includes our subcontractors. We are all part of the same project team and need access to information to perform our respective roles to the best of our abilities. For Horst, this takes shape in many ways. Whenever possible, we meet with subcontractors at the beginning of a project to discuss their scope of work in person, as well as to cover any expectations, safety protocol, logistical concerns, and questions they may have.  This also means having subcontractors present at meetings when it makes sense, and distributing meeting minutes to communicate key takeaway points clearly. Furthermore, we implement technology and tools that make communication easy and effective, keeping everyone on the same page.

3. Horst is fair and treats subcontractors as partners.

Horst Construction is a values-based organization and we feel very strongly about doing the right thing. As we already mentioned, relationships are a key factor in our approach to business, and we see subcontractor relationships as an integral part of a successful project. We believe in treating all of our partners fairly and in honoring relationships. As such, you can expect that our relationship will be built on trust, mutual respect, and integrity. We have consistently heard from our subcontractors that they appreciate the partnership and fairness they experience when working with us.

4. Subcontractors have a voice on Horst projects.person holding hand to ear listening

We genuinely want to hear what our subcontractors have to say. We value the input our partners have to offer and are always open to new ideas and insights. One of the greatest benefits of collaborative teams is bringing together expertise from a variety of different disciplines and combining that knowledge into something powerful to create a stronger and more effective team. We may not always be able to take our subcontractor’s advice due to restrictions in contract, owner requests, or other factors – but we always appreciate a learning opportunity!

5. Horst selects subcontractors on more than just price.

Let us preface this with the obvious – in a highly competitive construction market, does Horst need the lowest reliable number? Of course! However we also know that quality, safety, and expertise comes with a cost. On projects that are negotiated or design-build in nature, Horst takes the approach of soliciting a prequalified group of subcontractors that meets certain specified criteria. This means more opportunities for partners we have had the opportunity to work with in the past and have had positive experiences with. In these scenarios, the selection of subcontractors is based on a variety of factors and not solely price-restrictive. We always try to recommend the best possible subcontractor for the job to our client, period. That means the subcontractor who provides the best overall value – taking into account not only price, but also the experience, quality, safety, knowledge, materials, methods, and creativity that a team brings to the table.


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