Construction Document Milestones


The Construction Documents Phase of a project is generally split into thirds, with each milestone marking an important step toward project goals.

Architects communicate via drawings. It is really beneficial to review this communication with the Owner in steps, so it is not overwhelming and timely discussion can take place:

♦ 30% – Review the architectural floor plan and elevations.

♦ 60% – Review additional architectural drawings, as well as the initial structural drawings…confirm all previous comments have been revised on the drawings.

♦ 90% – Review additional architectural and structural drawings, as well as all the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings

…confirm all previous comments have been revised on the drawings.

 √  Meeting minutes and other documentation should always take place for these meetings to track any deviation from the budget…called “Scope Creep.”

√  Never forget the “Vision” during this phase….the core reasons for going through this construction journey in the first place.

√  All of the time spent carefully reviewing and discussing the drawings at this phase, will pay huge dividends during construction as the “surprises” and “mutual mystification” will be minimized.