10 Ways Horst Creates Successful Partnerships with Architects and Engineers

Horst, Architects, and Engineers

Top Ten Ways We Create Successful Partnerships

  1. Mutual Trust. Horst works hard to develop mutual trust in the relationships we have with Architects and Engineers. We are transparent and open, and continually working to earn the trust of our partners.
  2. Quality Solutions. Horst understands that value engineering should not always mean “deleting”; it often means exploring other quality and creative solutions. We bring a vast array of experience to every project and explore different materials, construction methods, and systems with open minds to create the best project possible.
  3. Budgets. We have a staff of experienced estimators and the latest technology for estimating. This greatly helps ensure the holistic, as well as the itemized, budget is accurate from the initial budget through preconstruction.
  4. Partnership. Horst approaches projects from a truly partner-based mindset. When we begin a design-build project, we spend time carefully evaluating options and make our choice based on the most qualified and fitting firm for the project—not just based on pricing.
  5. Scheduling. Horst helps alleviate some of the pressure of scheduling and project pacing. The design-build model allows our partners to focus on what they do best, while keeping the design on pace with the project schedule.

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