Applied Values and Experienced Team

Religious Buildings and Houses of Worship

Since building our first church in the late 1800’s, beautiful and functional houses of worship have been an integral part of Horst Construction’s legacy. While the needs of religious organizations have grown since then, Horst Construction continues to help churches and faith-based organizations adapt and grow through purposeful use of their physical building. We recognize the importance of continual adjustment to your congregational and community needs to help you achieve your mission and goals.

As a company firmly rooted in our values, we believe that not only do we have the experience and skills needed to construct your project, but we also have the right people with the right heart for your project.

We understand the challenges unique to building or renovating a house of worship, and we have the knowledge and flexibility to help you plan for and overcome these challenges. We collaborate with your team or leadership to establish your building ambitions and realistic budgeting. We recognize that your building has been prayerfully planned: we help it become purposefully built.

Horst Construction’s experience ranges from the simple to the complex. Whether you are renovating an existing building to meet the new expectations for sanctuaries and community gathering spaces, or you are starting with a fresh plot of land, we tailor our construction services to bring your vision to life.