10 Things to Know about Land Development and Permitting


Get the Facts Before Your Project Begins

by Dwayne Hoover, Project Manager

When anticipating a construction project, the land development and permitting process can be difficult to understand and confusing to navigate. With over twenty years of experience in this area, Dwayne Hoover, Project Manager at Horst Construction, shares some tips and valuable resources for building owners.

  1. The Land Development Process is Often Lengthy
    A critical piece of knowledge for anyone considering a new construction project or major addition/renovation is that the process of meeting land development requirements is often a lengthy one.
  2. Make Sure Your Location is Zoned Properly
    Zoning depends on the type of structure you are building. Sometimes zoning is easy and straightforward; while in other situations you may need to re-zone your property.
  3. Find Out About the Rocks
    When designing the structure of the building, soil probes will need to be used around the building site and evaluated by a geo-technician to determine the bearing capacity of the soil.
  4. Permitting Requirements May Not be Easy to Maneuver
    Often, each phase of your project requires separate permitting—land development, demolition, building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, etc.
  5. Consider How You are Going to Tie-In to Your Utilities
    If you have access to public water and sewer, make sure you have adequate space to tie into those utilities and a suitable water supply for what you need.




Educating yourself on construction-related issues is a great way to start off your project correctly and set it up for success. By aligning yourself with a professional firm that is dedicated to understanding not only what your vision and needs are for your building, but also the ins and outs of these and other possible stumbling blocks, you can rest easier and watch things fall into place.

For more information regarding land development and permitting, contact Dwayne Hoover at 717.329.3464 or email DHoover@HorstGroup.com.