In Our Clients' Words


At Horst Construction, we believe the secret to a successful construction project is to first build relationships — before buildings. We aim to be true advocates for our clients throughout the construction process. This obviously requires us to get to know you and your organization’s needs. That way, we get a true sense of their visions and goals for the project, and we can adjust our approach to meet and exceed their needs.

However, selecting a firm to lead your construction project team is an important decision. It can be hard to discern whether or not a given firm is the right fit based on the information shared in RFPs and interviews. Oftentimes, hearing what it was like to work with a given construction company from their past clients is the most accurate predictor of what it will be like to work with that firm.

The videos below provide a look into what it’s like to work with Horst Construction from our clients’ perspectives.