Experience Adds Value

Construction Management Services

Horst Construction’s experience translates into tangible value for clients through our efficient Construction Management services. We value what you value, and from initial concept to final completion, we use every ounce of our knowledge and craftsmanship to deliver what matters to you.

We manage all aspects of construction, including quality, schedule, and safety. We solve the problems that arise during construction and effectively communicate with all stakeholders throughout the process. Our expertise and experience allow us to excel in environments that are multi-phased or require a high level of planning.

As your construction partner, we coordinate the endless details required by construction projects of any size. We collaborate with the design professionals, consultants, and subcontractors to maximize our ability to provide accurate estimating, knowledgeable scheduling, efficient permitting, cost-effective material purchasing, and creative value-engineering.

We believe in the integrity of a handshake commitment. While construction projects are more complex than ever – and with far more required paperwork – our reputation is sustained by consistently delivering projects with the quality, final costs, and timeline that clients are glad to shake on.

Horst Construction’s approach is transparent and detailed, making for accurate itemized budgets, value enhancement opportunities, and reliable schedules. We strive to deliver a “no surprises” construction experience for our clients.

With more than 125 years of experience behind us, we are able to anticipate and proactively manage the challenges of building projects. We know where to look for efficiencies and how to add value to our clients’ construction projects.