Increasing Value with Integration

Integrated Project Delivery and Lean Construction

While Integrated Project Delivery is newer to the market, this collaboration-based approach matches Horst Construction’s values of honoring partner and client relationships. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a project approach that forms a collaborative alliance of people, systems, companies, and practices into a streamlined (“lean”) construction process that prioritizes shared knowledge and joint leadership. IPD harnesses the talents and experience of all participants and shares responsibilities of project issues, schedule, quality, and coordination across the group, rather than assigning the responsibility to just one person or company. This system is known for aligning interests, objectives, and behaviors for a common goal.

While we work collaboratively with all project stakeholders regardless of the project delivery method, IPD uniquely creates a unified team approach through transparency and empowerment. The entire project team has equal and consistent information and opportunities to improve each project phase.

With IPD, clients benefit from the collective knowledge of everyone involved in the project. This opens opportunities to find ways to streamline the schedule, and often results in an accelerated preconstruction timeline.

IPD creates a streamlined process that reduces waste, scheduling setbacks, quality issues, and conflicts between key stakeholders. This results in a more collaborative process, fewer change orders, a high-quality building, and ultimately more value for our clients.