Exceptional Educational Environments

Education Construction

When it comes to building a learning environment, Horst Construction brings the expertise needed to ensure your project is completed on schedule, within your budget, and with the utmost concern for safety. Your task is preparing tomorrow’s leaders; ours is ensuring you have an exceptional environment that provides a tool for your success. Your students and staff depend on a well-constructed classroom, auditorium, theater, gymnasium, and school building to perform their best. Horst Construction reliably delivers the quality of construction this industry demands.

We use our decades of education construction experience to create a smooth construction process with predictable results. We help school boards, committees, and other stakeholders ensure every detail is met: from navigating the complexities of school construction financing to making decisions that impact the building’s lifecycle, to defining – and meeting – a schedule that prioritizes student safety.

We have cultivated relationships with K-12, higher education, and faith-based schools. Through these relationships we have built purpose-driven buildings that are cost-effective, low maintenance, and built with future generations of students in mind.