Collaboration and Innovation – Benefits of Design-Build

Confident creativity through collaboration! That’s the result of designing and constructing buildings using design-build!

Collaboration: to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.

When we complete a project using the design-build delivery method, the project team, which includes the owner, is focused on one goal: to work with each other to fulfill the needs of the owner.  The team is focused on developing the best design, for the best value, in the shortest amount of time to provide the owner with the very best solution.

As a design-builder, we need the assistance of a good architectural partner when we are leading a design-build team. One of the many gifts they bring to the table is the ability to take an Owner’s vision, which exists within their minds and bringing it to reality on a design document. Not only drawing out the vision but making it look good in the process!

The great part about design-build is not only having the builder and architect at the table at the beginning of design but other designers as well. That goes for those providing the civil design, interior design, mechanical, plumbing and electrical designs, and any other necessary design consultants for the project. Do you see how design-build maximizes the opportunity for team collaboration?

One of the many benefits of design-build is the creation of a collaborative environment that encourages thinking outside of the box. When a new idea or opportunity is brought to the design table, the rest of the team can weigh in on it as well as being able to put a price to it. The owner is then able to make a confident decision on whether or not to incorporate it into the project.

On a project Horst recently completed, the owner desired to know more about a highly efficient HVAC system that they had been exposed to recently that went against their typical model for other facilities they owned and operated. As a design-build team we were not only able to look at the system cost difference and conduct a life cycle analysis but also review any challenges it created for the other disciplines. The end result was that the owner went with the new system even though they didn’t have experience with it in the past due to the fact that we were able to give them enough information in a relatively short period of time to make an educated design. Had we not been utilizing design-build as the delivery method, they most likely would not have been able to make an educated decision and would have continued with their typical inefficient system.

Design-build allows for innovative thinking on projects. With the entire design team being involved from the beginning and the builder providing accurate pricing, each of the team members is able to bring creativity to the table with confidence.

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