Older Americans Month Reminds Us There’s More To A Story Than The Ending

By Beth Mack, Marketing for Horst Construction

Would you read the last chapter of a book and assume you knew the whole story?  Some people might, but let’s face it: there’s more to a story than the ending.

As we celebrate Older Americans Month, it’s a great reminder to connect with the senior adults who have a few more chapters to share with all of us, if we take the time to listen!   It’s easy to go about our day tackling our to-do list, sometimes forgetting to take the time of actually engaging in the moment.

I was reminded of this last week while visiting with some new friends at the Columbia Cottage Assisted Living in Hershey.  My goal was to capture a few words of wisdom to include as part our social media efforts. What may have seemed like an ordinary project soon transformed into something more as I found myself thoroughly enjoying the conversations that transpired from the group. The chapters of their lives quickly unfolded…their childhood, careers, stories about children/grandchildren, travel and current hobbies and interests. I soon discovered that they wanted to share the whole story of their life with me…not just the last few chapters.

I could have easily gone thru the motions that day, but I’m grateful that I took the time to get to know Bill, Walt, Ellen and Carolyn.  I left the group with a full heart and I couldn’t wait to share their inspiration with my family and friends. I highly recommend that you visit with some seniors and hear their story. You’ll leave enlightened, and if you’re lucky, maybe with a new friend, too!

Click here for their inspirational quotes and words of wisdom.

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