Pulling the Team Together

It is extremely helpful for an owner to have a core team together for the duration of a construction project.   The makeup of this core team does not necessarily have to be people experienced in the different construction trades.

The priority of this team should be:

  • obtaining and communicating the vision and priorities of the project, on behalf of the organization, to the construction professionals.

There are numerous “checks and balances” during this process that will ensure conformity to code and the highest construction standards. From the initial concept, through schematic design, and during the entire construction process, this team will be involved with the communication dialogue between the owner and the construction professionals.

This team will be invaluable with regards to:

  • Some of the information will be communicated via verbal dialogue at the meetings and possibly not on paper.
  • Having the knowledge and experience of the mission, vision, and operation of their own entity, and being able to give important insight to the success of the project.
  • Being able to tap into the knowledge of key individuals or groups within the organization to add another layer of information and needs, as well as key fundamental support, to the priorities of the project.
  • Hearing the disseminated information from within the organization, so they are aware of the reasons for certain decisions to have been made throughout the journey of a project.
  • Being the liaisons back and forth from the organization to the construction professionals to keep everyone aware of the progress of the project, as well as the timely decision making process.

 One of the keys to a successful project is for the overall priorities of the organization being communicated to the construction professionals on a regular basis by the core team.

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