What Does “Grass Roots Support” Mean?

Grass Roots Support means that the overall consensus of your organization understands and supports the concept and motives for a construction project.  They understand that the end results will produce an improved facility that will enable the programs and functions within to flourish and “grow to another level”.

This support is critical to the success of a project in many ways:

  • Patience, honesty, and “open minds” will be needed as a construction project typically involves “change” in one form or another.
  • Support will also be required, whether financially or a positive attitude, or both, as the facility will be transformed as part of this journey.

One of the keys to creating this grassroots support is communication…both ways. 

It is very important to include, and then listen to, the people of your organization to find out their needs and desires to improve the facility.  Likewise, it is extremely beneficial to communicate the overall vision of the project to your organization.

Hopefully, the vision of the project overlaps with their needs and desires.  However, it is extremely important to show the people of your organization the initial “schematic” sketches of a project to reflect how their ideas may or may not be in the initial phase of a project, or the overall master plan.

This communication needs to happen early in the process to strengthen trust.

It is very common for the people of an organization to have “their” idea as a priority for any project.  However, in the context of the overall mission and vision of an organization to advance, it is vital for all people to see how their ideas blend into the bigger picture.  This involves constant communication between the leadership and the people of the organization to maintain and strengthen this support from a basic level to the most advanced level.

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