Ephrata Community Church – Addition/Renovation

Ephrata Community Church selected Horst Construction as the Design-Builder for their 81,300-square-foot expansion and 15,400-square-foot renovation project in Ephrata, PA. The addition provides for a 1,600-seat auditorium, lobby, classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, a gathering space/cafe, a welcome center, and an indoor play area. The existing building was extensively renovations for new or expanded functions including the existing sanctuary being transformed into a gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, new kitchen, additional lobby, and a game room.


  • Addition includes: 1,600-seat auditorium, mezzanine seating, lobby, 15 classrooms, 20 offices, 2 large meeting rooms, gathering space and cafe, welcome center, and indoor play area.
  • Renovation includes: multi-purpose room, new kitchen, additional lobby, gathering/game room, and cardio gym.
Project Details

Owner: Ephrata Community Church
Location: Ephrata, PA
Architect: Cornerstone Design Architects

Project Type: Addition/Renovation
Project Size: Addition - 81,300 square feet, Renovation - 15,400 square feet
Project Delivery Method: Design-Build