Are the Common Areas at Your Facility Ready for a Facelift?

Are the Common Areas at Your Facility Ready for a Facelift?

By working with Horst Construction, you can achieve the upgraded look that your residents and their families desire in a relatively short period of time and at a reasonable cost. If you have an auditorium, employee lounge, activity space, or any other common areas in need of renovations—look no further than Horst Construction’s Special Services Division.

Presby’s Inspired Life has developed a close partnership with Horst Construction that goes back over ten years. One of the exceptional environments renovated was the Rydal Park 4,000 square foot auditorium. Some of the features of this project include:

  • Completely new lighting and sound for their productions and events
  • Acoustic fabric wall panels and special wood acoustic panels for the stage ceiling
  • Wood panel walls with a decorative metal edge reveal
  • A repositioned wheelchair lift to a less obtrusive location
  • Hidden electrical panel with hinged access
  • Special bench seating
  • Dropdown screen from stage area

Our Clients are Our VIPs

At Horst Construction, we think of ourselves as true partners with the owner and management team—and we like to treat them like the VIPs they are. We can quickly respond to your needs with the right team and the right subcontractors; and in many cases, rapidly put pricing together to give you an accurate picture of your project.

We often see issues before the client, and we can bring those to the owners’ attention before they become bigger problems. At Horst Construction, we are here to listen first—then build what matters to you. We work as a team to ensure your goals are achieved—beyond your expectations.


For more information about building, expanding, or renovating exceptional senior living environments,
please contact Ryan Null.

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