Millersville University – Winter Visual & Performing Arts Center

Every great theatre production includes numerous details that go on behind the curtain that the audience will never see but which play a huge role in the audience’s memorable experience.  Such is the case with the planning, design and construction of the Winter Visual & Performing Arts Center at Millersville University.  Intricate details are hidden behind the walls, under the floors and in the highly technical equipment that was selected for the facility.

Innovation. Engagement. Creativity.  These are three words that Millersville University uses to share the spirit of their center.  This collaborative space reflects the interconnected world we live in, especially on a college campus.  The building was designed to bring students, teachers, technology, nature, music, theatre, and visual arts together under one roof.


  • Addition included: new main entrance, 290 seat concert hall, recital/rehearsal hall, art gallery, digital recording studio, offices, classrooms, and additional studios.
  • Renovation included: complete renovation of Alumni Hall/Lyte Auditorium, upgrading of the 650-seat auditorium, stage house, classrooms, and music studio.
  • Special features included: Clair Brothers Sound System, acoustic cloud ceiling system, digital control rooms, motorized acoustic barriers and screens in concert hall for acoustic tuning of the entire room.
  • Stage Area included: new rigging system, larger stage access door, and catwalks.
  • New scene studio for set/stage construction.
  • High density music library room.
  • Student gathering spaces.
Project Details

Owner: Millersville University
Location: Millersville, PA
Architect: Spillman Farmer Architects

Project Type: Addition/Renovation
Project Size: Addition - 54,000 square feet, Renovation - 29,000 square feet
Project Delivery Method: General Contractor


  • ABC Keystone Excellence in Construction - Award of Excellence