Humangood – The Mansion at Rosemont Dining Room

Horst collaborated with HumanGood and Yohe Architecture to create a more welcoming and comfortable dining experience for their Rosemont residents. The goal of the project was to provide an upscale dining experience through improved efficiency of service, worldly culinary options, flexibility in style of dining (buffet or restaurant), and enhanced comfort and lighting.

Horst and the architect evaluated the existing ceiling and determined that it could be modified economically to provide a more open and airy feel. The additional ceiling height also provided a simple solution to the HVAC distribution and the ability to evenly light the space. The design also provided for better circulation throughout the space and flexibility regarding their resident seating options.

*This project was completed while the community was owned by Presby’s Inspired Life. HumanGood merged with Presby’s Inspired Life in 2020.


  • Updated ceiling design
  • Updated lighting fixtures
  • Installation of display cooking line
Project Details

Owner: HumanGood
Location: Rydal, PA
Architect: Yohe Architecture