Humangood – Rydal Park Auditorium Renovation

Horst Construction’s 3R Team® was selected to provide an auditorium renovation for the Rydal Park senior living community. Renovations to the facility included new flooring, painting, and wall covering which provided a fresh, contemporary design to the auditorium. The partnership we have developed over the course of ten years ensured that upgrading the facility was completed with minimal disruptions to the community and with the highest level of quality. HumanGood continues to be an ongoing client of Horst.

*This project was completed while the community was owned by Presby’s Inspired Life. HumanGood merged with Presby’s Inspired Life in 2020.


  • The configuration of the room was rearranged to provide convenience and comfort for the residents, as well as maximize seating.
  • Safety is always a priority, but even more so when construction is occurring within an occupied senior living facility.
  • The wood panel finishes, featuring complicated designs, required precision and accuracy from our craftsmen.
  • A three-month schedule demanded creativity and efficiency due to a long, eight-week, lead time for critical materials.
Project Details

Owner: HumanGood
Location: Rydal, PA
Interior Designer: CR Design

Project Type: Renovation
Project Size: 4,000 square feet


  • Cost Management
  • Project Management